We Fly High

Have you ever watched the National Geographic Channel?  If you haven’t you are really missing out.  It’s incredibly exciting TV to watch.  Watching lions fight over a gazelle carcass is far more entertaining than watching Hillary and Donald fight over Presidency.  The only time I don’t watch is when they are showing the naked indigenous people.  I’m not big on nudity and tribal things so it loses me quickly.  Other than that I’m all in.

One time they did a special on eagles.  Not the terrible football team in Philly (Go Pack Go), or the 70’s rock band that some of our grey-haired readers may remember, but the bird of the United States of America.  Is there anything more patriotic than a bald eagle?  

One part of the show in particular was incredibly profound.  When an eagle is ready to lay eggs the female eagle begins building a gigantic nest high in the sky.  These nests are about 6 feet in diameter and 3 feet tall.  That’s about the size I feel my shirts are after I eat Krystals to be honest.  Then, when it’s time to lay the eggs, the eagle will lay them very gently in the nest that was built.

Over time the eggs are cared for and watched over incredibly close until the day finally comes…  The day the baby eagles are born.  From that day forward the parent eagles never sleep, never have quiet time, and are dead broke.  That’s actually just human parents for some reason.  Must be part of the fall of man.

What actually happens to the baby eagles is they sit in the nest very comfortably for a period of time.  They are fed and cared for diligently so they can become strong.  As they grow something starts to happen… The mother eagle begins taking the nice nest she made and breaks it.

She starts taking sticks and pointing them in towards the nest to make the young eagles uncomfortable.  Food starts coming less and less frequently.  (Maybe some of you parents who have kids over 18 living with you should try that.) What she is trying to do is make the nest so uncomfortable that the young eagles will eventually have no choice but to jump out of the nest and fly.

Here is the problem; the nest is so high and for so long it was so comfortable.  I know we understand this feeling.  Throughout our life God prepares a pretty comfortable life for us.  He sends us sermons from preachers, incredible worship, and common graces that we all enjoy.  Then one day something strange starts to happen.  We start to feel uncomfortable in what once was a comfortable place.  This doesn’t always mean something is going wrong.  In fact, often it means something incredibly beautiful is happening.  It means God is ready to teach you to fly.

But look at the drop.  What if I fall?  What if I plummet to my death?  What if I don’t catch the wind?  What if people are angry with me?  What if I don’t have enough money?  Those are all fair questions.  I would suggest a more important question though.  What if you are missing out on the most incredible moment of your life because of “what if’s?” 

God has spoken so many incredible promises and purposes over us.  They are beautiful and at the same time intimidating.  They are exciting and at the same time scary.  We learn to be afraid of so much that we typically would rather not chance the wind, but God loves us too much to not force us to.

So what God does is He makes you uncomfortable so you will have no choice but to fly.  So out of nowhere, friendships that have always felt right don’t feel right.  The things you once enjoyed don’t quite bring you the same joy they use to.  It can even get so intense that the church you’ve always enjoyed just seems different.  This is how God breaks the nest to help you fly.

You were made to fly.  You were made for greatness.  God has predestined goodness and glory to come pouring forth from your life like a song.  You are not just an ordinary person.  You are a child of God.  You are not your mistakes.  You are who your Heavenly Father says you are.

I think we often believe that God gives up on us when we make mistakes, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  We are not identified by our mistakes but by God’s perfections.

So here you are standing on the edge of a mountain and the wind is stirring all around you.  Fear and excitement are rising simultaneously.  The drop looks frightful but the skies seem to be inviting you to join them.  This is your moment to jump and fly.  You were made to fly.

In August I finally made the jump when we started TMC and it was incredibly scary.  Forget was scary, it still IS scary.  At the same time, I have never been happier in my entire life.  Why?  Because I was made to fly.  You were made to fly.

In closing let me give you one incredibly important truth you need to remember when you jump.  Never take your eyes off Jesus.  When you are flying high set your eyes on Jesus.  When you are falling quickly set your eyes on Jesus.  That’s what Paul is telling us in Hebrews 12:1-2.  He is the Author and Finisher of our faith.  Which means He gives us the desire to fly and empowers us with the gift of flight.  He is everything.

So if God is calling you to do something but you are too scared to do it then I pray today that God makes your life so uncomfortable that you have no choice but to leap.  Why?  Because the wind is better than the nest.

Being fed and having a comfortable place to rest is great, but it doesn’t compare to the skies.  Now what I haven’t told you yet is some eagles don’t make it.  Immediate buzz kill right?  Wrong.  At least it died trying to be an eagle instead of survived by living like a chicken.  Time to fly.


Daniel Johnson

Lead Pastor, The Movement Church