Visit With Us

In December of 2023, our church building was destroyed when tornados came through our community. Previously gathering at City Square, our church relocated to Gene Brown Elementary School as we seek out our new home. Though our loss saddened us, we are expectant for what’s to come. 

When you visit with us at Movement Church, you will quickly realize that we gather to celebrate Jesus. We set our eyes on Jesus in song, become more like Jesus through the teaching of Scripture, and enjoy community in the family of Jesus. From start to finish, every moment of our service is about Jesus. Our family ministry is all about Jesus, too.

Every Sunday, we say, “Movement Church is a better place with you in it.” We mean it. You are welcome to come as you are. Of all we lost in the storm, we got the best part out of the building: our people. You won’t find a friendlier community of people who can’t wait to get to know your name and story.


Service begins at 9:30 am and lasts approximately 90 minutes. Our gatherings are intended to be honest, authentic, and Christ-centered. If you are visiting this site we know there are some FAQ’s about certain areas so we will try and answer those here.

We believe our singing should be both personal and corporate. There will be times when we sing loudly and times when we slow down so we can hear one another. We believe our singing should be in response to truth. We select our songs on the basis of what they reveal about God because we believe truth and experience are tied to one another. We traditionally do more contemporary worship but our focus isn’t a particular genre of music. Our focus is a type of worship that blesses God and helps us see Him as He is. 

We believe in Biblical teaching. All of the messages come directly from scripture. We believe we are transformed as we hear God’s Word and see Him in it. Every message at TMC is transparent, honest and Christ centered. You can check out a sermon on the media tab on this site. 

We have something for everyone at TMC. We want your entire family to feel like they belong here. So from the smallest baby to the grown adult you have a place at TMC. Every Sunday our Little Movers (6 weeks – 5 years old) and TM Kids (5 years old – 5th grade) have their very own service that is designed just for them. Our nursery and kid’s ministry is fun, safe, and important to us. We teach them God’s Word, we worship, we play some games, and more! We are certain that your little ones will enjoy their time with us.

You can read our creed and core beliefs by clicking on the about us tab at the top of the page. 

TMC is a non-denominational church. 

However you feel comfortable to dress.