our values at tmc


Every church has values that dictate their practice. The theological points on this page are the values that we cherish as a church body. We believe that if you were to remove one of these values, then our ability to glorify God as a church would be diminished. These values are reoccurring themes that you will hear at TMC and they shape how we do everything.


We are Word centered

The Bible is God’s Word and absolute truth on all things. We surrender to the truth of the Bible for God’s glory and our own delight. We believe that the Bible is true even when our feelings and culture disagree.

We are a community of people

Nearly every narrative in the New Testament takes place within the community of Believers. We believe community is something that must be pursued by us all not just attended by some.

We are disciples and make disciples

This is a clear command of Scripture. We believe that if we are being disciples that we will naturally begin discipling others. We believe discipleship happens naturally but should also be pursued intentionally.

We are socially engaged

Jesus engaged the culture for the glory of God. Social issues will arise in our times and we will involve ourselves in the discussion and solution.

We are led by the Spirit

The Holy Spirit is in us and we surrender to the leading of God at all times and all places.

We pursue holiness

God calls us to live a life of holiness. We acknowledge that none of us are perfect but we do not use this an excuse to forsake the pursuit of our sanctification.


We are relationship centered
The Gospel is the good news that Jesus came, died, and was resurrected. We believe the Gospel is not an elementary teaching that we grow past. We believe it is absolutely essential and continually grow from it. We believe religion is should be a response out of love not our attempt to earn God’s favor or affections.

We are an empowered body

The church is many members acting as one. We believe that the ministry of the church belongs to each person in the church and not just the church staff. We all have gifts and God expects us to use those gifts in the ministry of reconciliation.

We live on mission

Our lives are not about us. They are about the work that God has for us. We pursue those that are near (local) and those that are far (global) for the sake of the mission of God.

We are sacrificial people

God calls us to a life of complete sacrifice. We have all that we need in Jesus so we are able to give all that we thought we needed away for the sake of His glory.

We delight in God

We believe that God’s ways leads to our delight and pleasure. Christianity is not the denial of pleasure. It is the fullness of it.