The First Move

So a lot has changed the past few weeks in the Johnson’s life.  We made a huge decision as a family recently.  We decided to go with the fall decorations and it’s not even September yet.  I know… May be too soon but sometimes you just have to go with your gut.  I also recently decided that Jason Bourne definitely is more impressive than James Bond.  Not sure why it took me so long to watch these movies.  Oh yea, I guess we also began the process of starting a church.  The Movement Church to be more exact.

Andrea and I have been blessed to be apart of an incredible youth group for nearly nine years.  I started when I was 18 years old and single and now I am 29 and married.  Not to mention I now have one grey hair in my beard and hair.  It’s slipping quickly… 

About a year ago we knew our time in youth ministry was coming to close.  It was a tough realization for us.  We truly still love working with teenagers even to this day.  It’s only in youth ministry that you can have a deep and meaningful conversation about God one second and the next second be asked if you have heard the new Justin Bieber song.  “What Do You Mean” is a good album honestly…

Over the course of that year we have explored many different options.  We explored secular jobs, college courses, and new ministry positions.  We were offered positions that would have been wonderful opportunities for us but it was clear they were not right for us. One in particular really caught out attention in late January.

After thinking and praying about this ministry position into February it became clear once again that this was not where God was leading us.  It was then that we seriously began considering planting a new church.

As the months passed the feelings of planting a church became stronger and stronger.  It was at this time we shared with some of our friends where we felt God was leading us.  Through much prayer and confirmation God made it evident that this was the next step.

Now a few months later here we are!  We are incredibly excited to begin this journey.  We have had a heart to be apart of ministering to the Hendersonville and West Nashville area for some time now.  Like all things with God, you never know the timing, but it is clear that now is the time.

We are planting a Non-Denominational Church that is committed to glorifying God through serving the community of believers and the communities we live in through Biblical discipleship, sacrificially living for others, and authentically sharing in one another’s lives.  As we begin this journey we have been asked many questions and have had much excitement shared with us.  So we wanted to take a moment to update you where we are in the process.

We currently are just in the beginning stages of launching a church.  We have a name, a launch team, a bunch of dreams, and a lot to do.  This week has been an exciting week in the process of beginning The Movement Church. 

We have looked for a location to meet, began the process of filing the legal papers, developed a logo, and determined when our first gathering would be.  We have a lot to do but by the grace of God He is accomplishing much in us and through us very quickly.  I wish we were as far along in the process as others have shared but unfortunately that just isn’t true.  I have confidence in our team to make much progress in the time we have been allotted. Thankfully it’s not football season so even work Saturdays right now. (go vols)

Many have texted and called asking how they could help.  Truly what we need right now is much prayer.  We are currently praying for direction in regards to where to meet, a kid’s director, and how to financially be responsible with what we have been given.  

This is going to be an exciting journey and we will primarily give updates through these newsletters.  We are excited about the beginning of The Movement Church.  We know that by the grace and mercies of God one day we will become “a church to come to and a church to go from”. 


Daniel Johnson
Lead Pastor, The Movement Church