Elders Of TMC

Hope For TMC

Most of us were attracted to TMC because every week we hear about the truth of God’s calling on our lives because of the atoning work that Jesus did. My hope for TMC is that we always love people because of Jesus’s work, and help them see that they have a move forward to make because of the move that Jesus made toward the cross.

Life Story

My encounter with Jesus and experience with the Gospel have been the most transformative events in my life. I grew up in Arizona where my family attended church every Sunday morning and Wednesday night. Around the age of 10 I began to recognize my sinfulness in that I was the source of most of the bad things in my life. I realized that I needed to submit to Jesus in order to be saved and I wanted to learn how to live a life for him. Over the next few years I grew deeper in my understanding and trust of God through youth group discipleship and volunteering in ministry. After high school I felt led to attend a small Bible college where I met and eventually married my wife, Jill, in 2007, our last year there. Since getting married we have been committed to serving Jesus through the church by becoming part of church plant ministries. We moved to middle Tennessee in 2014 and are thankful that we became a part of TMC in 2017.