What is the difference between a member and non-member?
We will continually love every person who attends Movement Church equally and without distinction. Our care and value of an individual will not grow or diminish based on membership status. You are welcome to attend for as long as you would like to without becoming a member.
Being a member specifically impacts two things: 1. You will have the ability to serve in a teaching capacity.  This includes community group leaders, family ministry teachers and Elders. 2.  You will be invited to attend our quarterly member meeting where we will discuss/vote on items regarding the future of our church. 
Will I be allowed to continue serving if I choose to not be a member?  
All volunteers are welcomed to continue serving in their current positions regardless of membership status. Restrictions on volunteer positions will only apply to volunteers moving forward from 9/01/2022. 
What is a quarterly membership meeting?
Our quarterly meeting will be led by the Elders to: 1. Provide an overall view of the health of the church  2. Present upcoming opportunities  3. Discuss matters that require voting  4. Open the floor for comments. 
How long is a membership covenant? 
Church membership isn’t a contract with years connected. The idea of membership is that we are entering into covenant together to continue our discipleship of Jesus until: either God calls us to relocate geographically, we are called to a new ministry assignment, a change in life that necessitates changing church homes, or the contents of the covenant have been broken. 
How do I know if I am already a member at Movement Church? 
Several families placed membership in our church when we first opened in April of 2017. Those families are still members. Since then, several other families placed membership in our church as they completed the connection process and filled out the Membership Covenant. During our community group gatherings we will identify those in each group who are already members. If you have questions or would like to know before then, please email Jessica Stahl at 
What if I am not in a community group? 
On Sunday, September 18th we introduced our renewed commitment to membership. If you weren’t in attendance, we want to encourage you to do two things 1. Listen to the sermon  2. Watch the videos above  
After doing so, if you would like to know if you are already member please email Jessica at If you would like to be a part of our quickened membership process then you may do so by filling out the forms on this page.