Let’s Get Loud

As you guys know I have two daughters.  I love them to death.  So much so I would chance prison if one of your sons at the age of 7, 8, or 9 tried to flirt with them.  I truly couldn’t imagine life without them.  I know I joke about how easy life was before them, but the truth is life was really easy before them.  I also would never want to live without them now that they are here.  They make my life a better place to be.

Kate is my oldest.  She is a bit of a free spirit.  I honestly don’t think she knows where she is at any time.  She is a hippie trapped in the wrong generation.  Right now in Kate’s mind she is somewhere skipping through a field of daisies singing her favorite song, “Shhh and Dance with Me.”  The song is actually called “Shut Up and Dance with Me” but we don’t let them say “shut up.”  I guess it makes us feel like good Christian parents or something.

There is one problem with Kate… She is loud… When I say loud I am talking a dryer full of gravel loud.  I’m talking an entire college band playing at full blast in a phone booth loud.  I’m talking Heaven plays the trumpet for the whole world Jesus is returning loud.  Here is the real kicker with Kate, she is loud at all times.  Like right now she is yelling something somewhere.  

Somewhere in Heaven in the child-forming department there is an extra volume knob that was not installed and I have the child missing it.  Her whisper is nothing more than a normal talking level.

The most difficult thing about having a child that doubles as a walking loud noise is we want her to learn how to tone it down but we don’t want her to lose her voice and become someone she is not.  What makes her so special to us is her carefree spirit.  Just this week she hit me with this one, “Daddy, your next series should be on Star Wars because if the people don’t like your sermon at least they will like Star Wars.  Everyone likes Star Wars.”  After I cried alone in my bathroom for a few hours I finally got to laugh about how strong the force is in this one.

My wife and I are constantly going back and forth between letting her be Kate and trying to help her grow.  From time to time we get on to her and I can see how it hurts her carefree spirit.  The few times that happens she does something very strange.  She gets quiet.  

I think you and I know that feeling well.  We were created as the sons and daughters of God.  Meant to live with boldness and audacious faith.  In fact God has given us the most powerful voice in all of creation.  That voice has gone silent hasn’t it?

Over time things happen to us.  Some people reading this blog right now have had a mother or father walk away and never turn around.  Some have had people call us things that to this day are too difficult to mention.  We have had people who said they were going be here forever, determine that forever was too long, and they walked away.  Some of us have wrestled with our self worth since middle school and that fight still hasn’t ended.  These moments silence our voice.

Over time we also do things.  Some people reading this blog feel a shame so deep from an addiction to pornography.  Others believe they have slept with so many people that they have lost their ability to be loved by God.  There are some who carry a deep sense of guilty over a mistake of the past.  There are countless people reading this blog who simply don’t think they are a good enough Christian because of a lie that has taken root in their mind.  There may even be a few people reading this who believe they haven’t read their Bible or prayed enough to be considered a good son or daughter of God.  You guessed it, these moments silence our voice.

Over the years the things we once spoke boldly, we begin to say quieter.  Then the quiet whisper turns into absolute silence.  So what was once a bold child of God is an ashamed believer who is just trying to survive.  

What I feel strongly in my spirit is God restoring the voice of those who have been diligent and unnoticed.  I believe a shift is happening where those who have been mismanaged and forgotten are being brought to the forefront.  You have been sitting silently.  Now it is time to rise up loudly.  It’s not that you have been perfect either.  You have made mistakes.  What sets you apart is that God picked you and called you His own.

You tried to fit in but God would not let you.  Relationships that worked for others did not work for you.  Things that people were doing bothered you and not anyone else.  Why?  You are a part of a new movement of God.  A movement where God is using the diligent unnoticed. 

You have continued being diligent in what is in front of you.  You served without recognition.  You were faithful to relationships that turned out poorly.  You did what you thought was right even though there was an easier path.  You honored God and resisted the urge to submit to man.  Now the seasons are shifting and it’s your season to get loud.

God has given you a unique gifting.  He has anointed you for a task.  Believe in it.  Believe that He has been the Teacher and Mentor to you that you never had.  He is the righteousness that you know you do not have.  He is the provision for the vision He has put in your heart.  He is the qualification that you have been waiting on.

Speak your vision boldly.  Speak the wisdom He is sharing with you loudly.  Speak the truth He is depositing in you confidently.  You are His child.  Your confidence is in that alone.  You are not what they said about you, you are not what happened to you, you are not your mistakes.  You are a difference maker.  A Kingdom builder.  A child of God.

In this season I want to encourage you to believe in that.  A new movement is beginning where the diligent unnoticed are rising up.  I challenge you to be loud like a pretty little 8 year-old I know.  I can promise you they will hear you soon.


Daniel Johnson
Lead Pastor, The Movement Church