Elders Of TMC

Hope For TMC

My hope for TMC is that she remains a gospel preaching church. It’s so easy to add something to Christianity and become a Sunday morning religious country club. That our concerns for each other, our families, the poor, our neighborhoods, our country, and the world would be gospel-centered. That we would see the person and work of Christ as relevant for every area of life. 

Life Story

My name is Drew Haskins. I was born and grew up in Hendersonville, TN to two wonderful parents. I have a younger brother named Bryce. I went to and was baptized at Holiday Heights Baptist Church along with my wife Faustin. 

I later came to true repentance and saving faith on January 27, 2013, at Long Hollow Baptist Church in response to a sermon by evangelist Clayton King on Jesus’s walk with the two disciples on the Road to Emmaus (Luke 24). 

Faustin and I were married on June 23, 2014. We now have two children Ellie and Dean Haskins. 

My family and I wanted to find a a gospel preaching church body that was closer to our home at the time. After three months of going to different churches, we visited TMC in January of 2018 and heard the gospel preached by Pastor Daniel Johnson. In 2019, I became part of the leadership advisory committee, and in 2020, I became an elder.