The Culture of TMC

Culture matters. If you had the best palm tree seed and planted it in Middle Tennessee then it would never grow. Why? Our culture wouldn’t support it’s growth. At TMC we want to be sure that we are intentionally creating the type of culture that helps people belong, participate, and reflect.

Unapologetically Authentic

We are who we are at the risk of not being who people think we should be. We are known by God so we are free to be known by all others.

Everything is about the Gospel

We point to Jesus’ death and resurrection in all that we do because who He is and what He’s done is the true hope we have.


Make Yourself at Home

Come as you are and belong before you believe. TMC is a better place with you in it.

TMC is cool but TMC isn’t ultimate

We know you will love TMC but the church isn’t TMC. You and I are the church. We celebrate our church but we are devoted to God and one another.


We give space for grace

We share the truth lovingly, we point to scripture unapologetically, and we give grace the space to work.

Speak life, laugh a lot

We have the best news so we are the happiest people you can meet.


We not Me

We were made for community so we lay down “me” for the sake of “we.”

We Always move Forward

You are accepted as you are but because of the grace and mercy of Jesus we must move forward. His love is not an excuse to remain the same, it’s our motivation to become more like Him.