Many Become One

Step 1: Fellowship Dinner

Our fellowship dinners are a time for us to come together, eat good food and get to know one another. Sharing a meal together is one of the best ways to connect with someone and our desire for our monthly fellowship dinners is to give you a glimpse into who we are as a people. This gathering is an informal time of community with a brief invitation into the life of our church. Your entire family is welcome to attend.

Step 2: Welcome To TMC Class

In this class we give a general overview of who we are at TMC. We cover topics ranging from our vision, our beliefs, our values, and our story. The intent of this time together is to provide an accurate picture of who we are as a church because we want to invite you on this journey. This is a space for questions and investigation as one of our elders walks through the personality of our church. When you leave the class you will have a more full understanding of what it means to be a part of TMC. 

Step 3: Community Groups

We don’t believe you attend a church. We believe we were designed to belong to a people. Our community groups is where this happens at TMC. Want more information?