Community Groups

What is a community group

Community groups is the small group ministry of TMC. We are made for community.   The Bible calls us to community. We believe we shouldn’t just attend church. We believe we belong to a church. We believe we belong by being a part of community. The church was not suppose to be a place where we fade in and fade out. The church is meant to be a place where we are known so we don’t go through life alone.


The community groups of TMC meet bi-weekly in people’s homes. The gatherings last between 60-90 minutes and your entire family is welcome to join. These groups are not study based groups per se. We open our Bibles and pray together but that is not how the entire time is spent. The time is spent encouraging one another by discipling one another. This will look different from time to time but we know you will love it each time. TMC is better when you are in community and community is better with you in it.


How do I join a community group?

You can get more information on community groups by filling out the form below. Someone will be in contact with you quickly. Thanks for becoming part of the TMC community.