Where Church Becomes Home


Throughout the Bible we see that the true ministry of the church happened within the gift of community. Here at TMC we believe community is not just a part of the church. Community is the church. Our community groups are a place where we belong to a group of people, participate in the ministry of reconciliation, and reflect the image of God.

Our community groups meet on different nights of the week, three times a month. Each gathering is centered around learning God’s Word together. Many of us are intimated at the thought of reading the Bible, but you shouldn’t be. We are a family of people who want to help one another know the God of the Bible.

We also participate in ministry together. This may be serving someone in the group or looking for creative ways to minister to people around us. God has given us all a gift and we feel most alive when we use it! 

We also have an incredible time together! You are going to meet some of the most genuinely wonderful people you will ever meet in these groups. Don’t let the fear of what you think it may be keep you out of community. Let the hope of what it could be empower you to make the jump! 

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