Elders Of TMC

Hope For TMC

My hope for TMC is that we are a people that are rooted and in love with Jesus. That our time and affections are consumed with being like Jesus. That people would know they’re loved and everyone has a purpose. That this would be a place centered on Christ and serving others.

Life Story

I was born and raised in a small town in Wisconsin; I grew up in the church and spent my summers going to camp and serving there as a summer missionary when I got into high school. Both of my parents love the Lord and set a foundation and example for living out their faith for my siblings and I. 

I went to college in Chicago where I met my wife, Anna, and served as a youth pastor in downtown Chicago. 

After leaving Chicago we served at a christian youth camp for 9.5 years while we also served in our local church as the youth leaders, opening up a coffee shop and afterschool program for our small community. It’s during that time that we had our two beautiful girls, Ellianna and Madelyn. 

We moved to the Hendersonville area in 2020 and through the connection of a friend came to TMC. The family and friendships we’ve found at TMC are as if we’ve been reunited with family we haven’t seen in a long time. It’s been a place of growth and support that is unnatural to the culture we live in, and we are grateful for that.