There are various areas of emphasis within every church body. We believe these area of emphasis help shape

the ministry of the church. These are the area’s of emphasis at TMC:



We were created for community. Close and personal relationships are the vitality of the church body. We believe that what makes a church a church can not be enjoyed or experienced on an app or podcast. It must be experienced in relationship with one another. Community is not easy and is sometimes painful but we believe that the Christian life is nearly impossible without it.



Every believer is on a path of discipleship. We believe that discipleship is the continual steps of becoming like Jesus. It’s always the next move forward. At TMC we believe it is the church’s responsibility to provide discipleship resources and opportunities to those on this journey. We are committed to continually providing the resources to continue the flame in someone’s heart.


God’s commands lead us to life

We believe that God is ultimately for His own glory.  Throughout scripture we see that the motivating factor of God’s goodness was the praise of His name.  In light of that we believe that God doesn’t want us to submit to His ways, but wants us to delight in His ways.  Because of this conviction we believe that every command in the Bible leads us to better pleasure and fulfillment.  The joy that our heart longs after is only found in willing obedience to God’s ways.


Divine sovereignty 

We believe that God is in control of every aspect and every detail of the world we live in.  We believe God has ultimate authority over all things.  This is clearly seen in the miracle of salvation.  We believe that it is God who draws man to Himself.  We believe that the faith to believe in God is also a sovereign act of God so that none of us may boast.  We do not believe that salvation depends on the actions of man but rather the actions of God.  We believe that it is God who overcomes our rebellion and hardened heart towards Him.


The Gifts of the Holy Spirit 

The gifts of the Holy Spirit were given to man for the purpose of glorifying the Father for the salvation of man and edification of God’s people.  We believe those gifts exist today and should be desired within their Biblical context.  


Believer’s baptism by immersion

Baptism is ordained by God as the act a person should partake in when they surrender their life to God.  We believe in baptism by immersion because of the Biblical support of this distinctive.  We also believe immersion best symbolizes our death and resurrection in Christ. 


Holy Communion

We believe that Holy Communion is an ordinance of the church.  Whenever we take communion we are doing so for the purpose of remembering the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross.  We have an open communion, which simply means everyone is welcome to participate in Holy Communion.  We ask that all of those who participate in communion take a personal inventory of their heart.


The Imago Dei

All men and women were made in the image of God regardless of any distinction.  This reality compels us to care about the needs, rights, and dignity of all human lives.  We believe that it is our responsibility to uphold the value of all lives beginning at conception and ending in death.


Social awareness 

The church was designed by God to be an active and living force within the communities it inhabited.  We believe social issues are issues we should be deeply concerned with.  Topics such as, but not limited to, abortion, racism, poverty and homelessness are things we should run into and not run from.  We believe we should devote our time and resources towards fighting these issues for the glory of God’s name.